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Experts Committed To Resolving Family Legal Matters

With our office in Drummoyne, Minors Family Law are one of the leading firms in Sydney’s Inner West.

Specialising in family law matters, our firm offers experience and assistance with all types of family-related legal issues.

Whether you require a divorce or separation lawyer, child custody lawyer or other matters concerning spouses or Defacto relationships, Minors Family Law are here to help.

We also provide categories of legal assistance regarding family law matters such as property settlement, child support and any other parenting matters requiring resolution. Families that consist of same-sex couples and other special circumstances are also amongst our expertise.

We offer services in the following areas –

divorce and separation lawyer drummoyne

Providing assistance with the steps proceeding a separation between you and your spouse.

parenting matters and child care drummoyne

Having agreement issues in deciding what’s best for your child? We can help.

property matters property settlement inner west

Aiding processes involving division of property ownership including settlement.

child support and maintenance sydney

Handling of claims, disputes and all other child custody arrangements.

de facto relationships entitlements

Learn more about your legal rights and financial obligations regarding non-marital relationships.

spouse maintenance spousal support

Your financial responsibilities towards your partner and how the law impacts this.

court proceedings inner west

Advice for all matters and representation for all family types in the court system.

family mediation services drummoyne

Family mediation allowing formal or informal negotiation without the need to utilise the family courts.

Your Family Law Specialists in Drummoyne

As local Drummoyne family law solicitors, we understand that every family’s circumstances and lifestyles differ diversely, ensuring we adapt a personalised legal approach to every situation.

We don’t limit our services to just the Inner West, but rather welcome clients from all across Sydney and its regions.

Relationship breakdowns can be complex, and when children are involved, legal dramas can become exponentially more difficult to manage – especially without an experienced representative.

Our family law lawyers pride themselves on delivering compassionate legal services as dedicated professionals providing expert advice towards a better future.

At Minors Family Law, we consider your goals to be ours, and with the nature of modern relationships becoming increasingly complicated and diverse, it’s wise to consult a local expert on the next stages for resolution.

Let Us Help You With All Your Family Law Matters

See our Services page for more details or contact our team for a further discussion regarding all your family law enquiries.

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Do You Need More Information Or Family Law Advice?

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