Divorce And The Family Law Act

Divorce and Separation Lawyer in SydneyFiling for divorce and experiencing a separation are stressful and emotionally painful enough without having to manage the legal battle that inevitably stems from it.

However, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer or separation lawyer who’s resolved all types of legal challenges can significantly reduce this weight on your shoulders.

Minors Family Law are professionals exclusively practising family law and continuously updating their knowledge on everything concerning the process of getting a divorce in Australia.

Australian marriages and separation agreements are generally smooth procedures depending on the circumstances. Some aspects can complicate proceeding further such as dependent children being involved in the separation, or if the couple were married overseas for example.

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Filing For A Divorce

Due to the complex nature of getting a divorce, a large number of couples simply choose not to divorce in fear of the process financially and emotionally damaging everyone involved, including their families.

Following separation, this is almost always never the option, as remaining unwillingly married poses an even higher risk to further breakdown and complications amongst families and relationships.

Many people become uncomfortable with the idea of getting lawyers involved thinking it will likely worsen their situation while adding a sense of intention and seriousness to the separation. However realistically it’s quite the opposite.

Unlike some other countries, the majority of separated couples don’t know that getting a divorce in Australia is based upon a ‘no fault’ principal. This means that the court will not delve into the reasons for the divorce, only that the marriage can no longer be salvaged or revived.

The reasoning behind filing for divorce won’t influence whether the divorce is granted or not.

Applying With A Divorce Lawyer – Things To Know

  • If you haven’t been married for at least two years, you and your spouse are legally required to undergo a series of counselling and mediation. The purpose of this is for you to make what is considered by the courts as a reasonable attempt to re-establish the marriage before proceeding to a hearing.
  • Divorces don’t always become final at the initial hearing, therefore plans to remarry or other means regarding finances should not be put into motion until your current marriage has been officially finalised.
  • Noting down important events that occur relating to your separation could significantly work in your favour as evidence. Having specific dates to establish a true timeline can help process a divorce matter more efficiently.
  • If your spouse managed your relationship’s finances, it’s important to work out how they were dealt with to decide how you’d like to handle, or even protect them in possible future relationships.

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