What Is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation Services and dispute resolution Inner WestFamily law mediation is a method of dispute resolution in which an impartial third party directs the negotiation from a neutral standpoint.

Family mediation allows two separated spouses to engage in a type of formal or informal negotiation without the need to utilise the family courts.

This can be carried out as a simple conversation between family, or a more in-depth and purposefully directed discussion with a professional. When children and more serious relationships issues are involved in legal matters, an expert mediator is generally required.

Alternate means of dispute resolution such as this are widely recommended by family law lawyers, as avoiding a court process can prove to be a more cost and time effective solution.

Why Use Our Mediation Services?

Family law mediation can benefit everyone involved in a family or parenting conflict.

The primary idea behind mediation is to solve a matter while avoiding a court hearing. We can potentially achieve this by:

  • Focusing on coming to an agreement instead of playing the ‘blame game’.
  • Directing the conversation and arguments away from hostility.
  • Allowing the spouses to maintain full control over the possible outcomes.
  • Exploring creativity while brainstorming viable solutions within a regulated environment.

A mediator also takes the emotional factors out of the argument and makes recommendations based on an objective point of view. Essentially, it allows for ideas to generate and be built upon without the anxiety and frustration of communicational difficulties getting in the way.

Separation and divorce lead to the need for many important arrangements and decisions to be made amongst your family. The two main aspects or topics of mediation are generally financial agreements and child arrangements.

Although things may seem simple in the beginning, legal situations sometimes become more complicated with time, making dispute resolution seem like in insurmountable task without hired help.

We offer some of the best mediation services in Sydney as our family law solicitors have an array of experience in negotiating even the toughest of family law cases including child support, spouse maintenance and parenting matters.

Our family law experts won’t take sides as we work in yours, and any children’s best interests to reach the most appropriate result.

What Happens If Family Mediation Is Unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, the use of mediation services is not always a complete success depending on the circumstances and the nature of the relationship between the parties.

Minors Family Law will issue you with a certificate that confirms with the Courts that you have attempted mediation. This certificate allows you to commence Court proceedings in regard to parenting matters if it becomes necessary.

Contact our team today to discuss how we can help resolve your family legal matters with our mediation services.

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