Minors Family Law Services in Drummoyne NSW

Our law specialists have extensive knowledge and experience working within all areas of family law in Australia.

Relationships and family dynamics can increase the complexity of family law issues. That’s why it’s crucial to recruit the best possible team of family law lawyers in the Inner West, offering the highest quality legal advice and representation that achieves results.

Grasping a thorough understanding of your legal options is also of the utmost importance. Our family law solicitors will ensure you are fully aware of possible proceeding expectations and potential outcomes of your case, before moving ahead with any legal action.

Whether you require a divorce lawyer, or a family law specialist for general family law matters, you can count on Minors Family Law to navigate you through the tough times.

Our Family Lawyer Areas Of Expertise

We practice exclusively in family law and have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

divorce and separation lawyer drummoyne

Providing assistance with the steps proceeding a separation between you and your spouse.

parenting matters and child care drummoyne

Having agreement issues in deciding what’s best for your child? We can help.

property matters property settlement inner west

Aiding processes involving division of property ownership including settlement.

child support and maintenance sydney

Handling of claims, disputes and all other child custody arrangements.

de facto relationships entitlements

Learn more about your legal rights and financial obligations regarding non-marital relationships.

spouse maintenance spousal support

Your financial responsibilities towards your partner and how the law impacts this.

court proceedings inner west

Advice for all matters and representation for all family types in the court system.

family mediation services drummoyne

Family mediation allowing formal or informal negotiation without the need to utilise the family courts.

Contact Us For All Your Family Law Needs

We understand that when our clients consult with us about their concerns, they aren’t necessarily in the beginning stages of their legal matter.

Our professionals are willing to take on your situation whether you’ve already separated, or just pondering the thought.

We recommend making an appointment with us as soon as you’re comfortable with taking the steps in transitioning your separation into a divorce. Delaying processes can significantly impact achieving a positive outcome down the track.

Remember that the decisions made throughout divorce proceedings, children’s matters and other family law areas have the ability to affect your future in many ways.

Let us prepare you for any possible challenges ahead relating to settlements, parenting or financial arrangements like debt and taxes, as these attributes of any family law case can be difficult to negotiate.

Talk to a local firm you can trust – Minors Family Law.

Browse our services above or get in touch with one of our family law experts to discuss your matter or dispute today.

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Do You Need More Information Or Family Law Advice?

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