Parenting and Family Matters child care arrangements DrummoyneWe must remember that the most important aspect of parenting matters are the children directly involved. This means everything from the safety and wellbeing of a child, right down to their happiness and how shared custody arrangements might affect them.

Child care arrangements after separation can be difficult to contemplate. However, the team at Minors Family Law will discuss and provide the best family law advice affecting all the circumstances of the relationship breakdown.

We can both mediate and negotiate a parenting plan or consent orders with your spouse where special terms, conditions and parenting arrangements can be introduced and discussed.

What To Expect

Outcomes and future responsibilities of a parent proceeding a shared custody case vary dramatically between the nature of each individual case. This means that a parent who was accustomed to a particular role in their child’s life may experience dramatic changes in those arrangements when a new parenting plan is put into place.

Differences in power and influence of parents over their children tend to cause conflict between spouses. This can increase the difficulty in reaching parenting agreements which is why it’s important to maintain patience and empathy towards each other, remembering that your decision impact your children’s lives the most.

Some of the less significant things will also be decided upon such as where and with whom your children will spend their birthdays, holidays and other special occasions like Christmas or Mother’s and Father’s Days.

Many of these smaller matters go without thought amidst normal parenting circumstances so it’s easy for spouses to become overwhelmed by all the unexpected changes.

What Could Affect Or Influence The Parenting Arrangements?

However, there are some common factors that are consider by a court before making any decisions. These could be:

  • The best possible access for the child to maintain meaningful parental and family relationships.
  • Any risk of the child being involved or exposes to abuse or neglect within a household.
  • The child’s opinion and views.
  • How the separation from one or more specific family members may affect the child.
  • How the parent/caregiver will meet the psychological and financial needs of the child, and the capacity in which they are committed to this.
  • Cultural differences and/or complications.

We recommend attempting to resolve any parenting disputes without going to court. This can save you a great amount of time, money and hassle in both the short and long-term. However, in the event that this isn’t possible, Minors Family Law are ready to advise and represent you when you want to get started.

Please contact us with your enquiry regarding parenting matters or to speak with an expert regarding any other family law advice.

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